The Most Inspirational Yoga Transformation Videos Of 2015


Yoga is changing the world -- one dedicated yogi at a time. These videos prove that if you believe you can change, change will come. Through determination and hard work you can transform, not only your body through yoga, but also your mind-state, emotional well-being and entire life.

These are the most inspirational yoga transformation videos of 2015. Warning: this may make you cry (and definitely smile). If you haven't started a yoga practice yet, this'll get you motivated (big time!). Ah, the wonders of yoga and it's many wellness benefits.



Man Loses Over 300lbs From Yoga And Hard Work

I mean, 300lbs!? His whole transformation started with a blog post and promise. The end will really get you in the feelers.



Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

"Never, Ever Give Up," is Arthur's message to the world. Arthur's story is highlighted from the beginning, in the upcoming documentary, INSPIRED: The Movie. Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again. 

He stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page doing Yoga and decided to give it a try -- he couldn't do traditional, higher impact exercise, so he tried DDP yoga and sent an email to Dallas telling him his story.

Dallas was so moved by his story, he began emailing and speaking on the phone with Arthur throughout his journey - he encouraged Arthur to keep going and to believe that anything was possible. Even though doctors told him walking would never happen, Arthur was persistent. He fell many times, but kept going.

Arthur was getting stronger rapidly, and he was losing weight at an incredible rate! Because of DDP's specialized workout, he gained tremendous balance and flexibility, which gave him hope that maybe someday, he'd be able to walk again.

His story is proof, that we cannot place limits on what we are capable of doing because we often do not know our own potential. Niether Arthur, nor Dallas knew what he would go on to accomplish, but this video speaks for itself. In less than a year, Arthur completely transformed his life.

Do not waste any time thinking you are stuck -- you can take control over your life, and change it faster than you might think.

Anything is Possible!



How Yoga Changed A Wounded Veteran's Life

Dan Nevins lost both legs in an IED blast in 2004 while serving in Iraq. Now, he's sharing yoga with other veterans in hopes that it will impact their lives as positively as it has impacted his. So inspirational!



Yoga Transforming Lives: URBAN YOGIS.

URBAN YOGIS is an uplifting documentary series featuring stories on the transformative power of yoga and meditation. Beautifully shot, inspiring, and heartfelt, the series delves into the lives of cancer survivors, inner-city youth dealing with violence in their communities, recovering addicts, artists, youth in detention facilities, and more.

Comedian Russell Brand, Grammy-nominated musician Moby, "yogi" businessman Russell Simmons, and author/doctor Deepak Chopra also share their stories and insights. Renowned yoga teacher Eddie Stern serves as our host and guide to the stories of these urban yogis.



YOGA SAVES: Urban Teens On Yoga, Inner City Life, and Gangs.

Urban youths find health and hope through yoga practice and lifestyle. Former gang members and foster home kids find a way to deal with emotions. Teach the youth yoga and meditation -- and the world will be changed for the next generation, in the best way possible.


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