How to Raise Your Personal Vibration


In today’s spiritual or metaphysical world we hear many new age words. One that is pretty popular is "raising your vibration" or "vibrating on a higher level." What the heck does this mean?

It’s pretty simple actually, it’s how your overall well-being is doing. The spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental side of you.

Everything around us is made up of energy, everything vibrates including ourselves. Your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical health are all wrapped up into your wellbeing. Each of these levels vibrate at different consistencies. It is our goal as humans to have them all come together and vibrate as one. This would be what being balanced feels like.

Every being is on his or her own journey and vibrating at a different level. The lower level vibrational people are usually negative, stressed out (and stressful), love drama, have no connection to spirit, poor health and bad eating habits. These people possibly drink too much alcohol, smoke, and use drugs. They are almost addicted to the news, judgment, gossip, and negative thinking.

The higher vibrational person lives with minimal stress (because of the way they perceive the world), and has a strong connection to spirit. They tend to stay away from drama and negative thinking. They live in the present moment.

The level that you vibrate on brings more of that type of frequency to you. If you are on a lower vibration you will attract more drama and negative people into your life. Being on a higher level of vibration you will rise above drama and learn to not allow it into your life. You will also attract more people that are of like mind and working on improving themselves.

So, how does one go about learning to vibrate on a higher level? It truly is a change in your lifestyle. You must be willing to do the work and make changes to vibrate higher. I have created a beginners list to start you on this new journey.


Starting a morning practice. 

Before leaving the house allow at least 10-15 minutes for meditation and setting an intention for the day. Having healthy organic foods for breakfast that will give you energy. Things like bananas, chia seeds and hemp seeds in a smoothie with coconut milk are great things to add to your diet. I also like to have a little movement to start my day with a positive song and some movement or ecstatic dancing.



Bring awareness to yourself by what you are watching on television, listening to, or reading and posting on social media. The more negative news, music, drama shows you allow into your day the lower the vibration or energy. Start noticing if you are drinking soda, eating fast foods and limit the intake on those type of items you are ingesting.


Creating a sanctuary home. 

Decluttering your home allows energy to move more freely and help you live in a more peaceful environment. Smudging your home with sage or palo santo once a week helps move the negative energy from your home.


Start a conscious movement practice.

Yoga is a wonderful form of conscious movement. But there is also Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Nia and so many other forms of getting in touch with your body-mind and spirit through movement. Your body will guide you into a experiencing life on a higher vibration


Let go. 

If you are holding onto a story of anger or disappointment from the past, let it go. Learn to live more in the present moment. Anger does not serve a purpose and only holds you down on your vibrational status.


Opt for natural products. 

You might start noticing what is being put into your products. Everything from dish soap to medicine you take. A few new products I have added into my daily routine is “Radiant Energy” by Lotuswei. This anointing oil helps put a smile on my face and feel more grounded during my morning routine. The experience from this is energy, vitality, protection, strength, powerful presence, immune system boost, gentle cleanse of environmental toxins.

The other new item I am using is a Facial Scrub by Thesis. This item won the natural beauty award from Yoga Journal in 2014. There are no plastic beads scrubbing your face, instead they use poppy seeds (awareness)! The most natural way to exfoliate your skin without using any plastic beads, toxic chemicals, abrasive particles or aggressive acids. This all natural and pure facial scrub will leave your skin thoroughly exfoliated, massaged and energized.

Tazeka Aromatherapy's "Optimism" is another great 100% organic essential oil blend that will help in raising your vibration (smells divine too!)

I also love Ajara Ayurvedic Hair Ritual Set that comes with incense and all-natural products to cleanse and detox your hair. Incense is a natural vibe lifter (if and when natural ... and this one is especially lovely).


Energy Work. 

Take classes and learn about chakras, Reiki, and energy work (in its many forms). See an energy worker and massage therapist every  month or two to help bring you more into balance.



I recommend listening to Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra and Oprah's Meditation challenge. Take baby steps and do what works for you. It is YOUR journey. You may start off just listening to a meditation once a week and that might help raise your vibration. Raising your vibration is about bringing you more balance. All of these ideas are just tools to help you gain a more balanced life.


Daily journaling. 

Writing down your progress and frustrations in a journal is a great way to stay balanced. It’s also nice to see how far you have come when you look back in the journal. Journal writing can also include new ideas you would like to try and bring onto your journey.Never give up. Each day you start with a clean slate. Choose consciously your words and actions and watch how your life starts to improve.

In January I am holding a 4 week course on raising your vibration starting January 16th through Feb 6th. This will be online through Google Hangouts. Click here for more information:



Leigh Hurst holds an Associate’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minor in Gerontology. She is a Thought Leader, Transformational & Intuitive Life Coach. She is a natural healer (with a certification in Reiki and other modalities) and loves working with holistic healing and energy. Her coaching sessions help guide people on a new path. Leigh’s company Awake & Aging was created to share a new paradigm for humans to live in a world that is guided by the Divine with peace, love and light. You can connect with Leigh here on Facebook, TwitterPinterest & Instagram.