VOW: Biryani Yoga, the Next Wave?


When you're knee-deep in the union of yoga, the free flow of information -- or inspiration -- is definitely a two way super highway heading straight for -- or from? -- this brilliant response to the Beer Yoga craze.

Sanjay, a US-born comedian who does "various projects" in Bangalore and India, settles all questionable core work with this sketch, our latest UWM "Video of the Week" (VOW).

"Biryani Yoga," as he calls it, is his ode to the delicious rice dish, and takes asana practice to the next level because who doesn't think about food when on the mat?!

And while we're still as tender as stewed veggies about the "view" that bhogis indulge in whilst in class (see the joke at the 0:35 mark, and then Google all the #MeToo madness), we greatly appreciate the "you are what you eat" meditation that follows. "I am chicken... I am mutton..."

"The thing is that biryani is really spiritual," says one student in the video. "It's all about taking in the aroma... but also about the discipline of not jumping immediately into the biryani." Good guidance.

Watch the full #SanjaySketch below:

Tag us with your favey holiday recipes -- #UrbanWellnessMag #GoodEats -- we especially love vegan bites!



s/o HuffingtonPost Asian Voices for the link.

DISTRICTiYOGA is an E-RYT 500 YACEP located in Washington, D.C. She often uses “namaste” as the first word uttered to students at the beginning of class, as well as the last. She began mindful yogic studies some 20 years ago in elementary school and began teaching formally in 2008.