Are You an Energy Radiator Or an Energy Vampire?


You are likely already aware of the concept of energy vampires and energy radiators even if the terms are unfamiliar to you. You may have noticed how certain people leave you feeling different than how you felt prior to your interaction with them.

For example, you may have noticed after leaving a dinner date with a friend that you feel energized and motivated to take on whatever has been bothering you. Or you may leave a dinner date with another friend and feel absolutely exhausted. This is because on an energetic level, we are all constantly giving and taking energy from one another.

These energy transactions take place during every single interaction with another person. These interactions may happen with someone who we know very well or they may happen with strangers who we pass on the street or see at the grocery store.

Often these energy transactions take place without our knowledge yet we’re left noticing that we feel different than we did before interacting with that person.


Let’s start with energy radiators.

Energy radiators are people who exude a positive and high vibration energy that is noticeable to others. They radiate contentment and acceptance of themselves and are generally optimistic in nature. They also have an intrinsic interest to improve the well-being of others and enjoy assisting others up who may be in need.


Alternatively, there are energy vampires.

Energy vampires have not discovered that they can be their own source of positive energy and instead seek out the attention and energy of others to fill themselves up. They are often attention-seeking and victim-type personalities who are attracted to drama. They thrive on attention, positive or negative, and are often found complaining about whatever is going on in their life.

As indicated in the name, energy vampires suck the energy from others leading to an unequal transaction of energy. The energy vampires take from others, often the energy radiators, to fill themselves up and leave the radiators feeling exhausted and depleted.

Can you think of people in your life that leave you feeling empowered, happy and motivated? They are likely your energy radiators. Can you also think of people in your life who have left you feeling confused, depleted and tired? They are likely your energy vampires.




Of course, this is a somewhat simplistic explanation as we are all capable of taking on both roles of energy radiator and energy vampire. During our lifetime we will all encounter difficult situations where we’ll need to lean on the support of our family and friends and fill up on others' energy.

However, for the most part, every person can be identified as a radiator or vampire in relation to you, depending on the majority of your interactions.


Take a moment to review how you interact with others.

Do you spend time with friends and family when you’ve already filled yourself up with your own source of positive energy and are looking to share that with others? Or do you spend time with friends and family because you feel that you need to surround yourself with others who fill you up, because without them you feel unsettled and generally unsatisfied?

We are all capable of filling ourselves up with our own source of positive loving energy. There are many ways to fill yourself up. Begin by asking yourself when do you feel most alive and at your happiest? Positive Psychology refers to this time as the Flow State.

The Flow State is defined as a moment in your life that you were so involved in what you were doing that time seemed to melt away. You were so focused on an activity to the extent that you were not aware of anything else.

I’d like to add to this definition the feelings that follow being in the Flow State, which are happiness and bliss, joy and enthusiasm. Being in the Flow State nourishes your soul and replenishes your positive energy.


What puts you in a Flow State?

Is it being outside in nature? Exercising or playing sports? Yoga or meditation? Cooking or baking? Playing an instrument or being creative? What fills you up and energizes you is unique to your own story. Once you determine your unique source of filling yourself up with positive energy, consciously make an effort to engage in those activities at least once a day.

Notice how good it feels to be the source of your own happiness.

Once you’ve become an energy radiator, you are empowered to be in charge of your own happiness rather than relying on others to fill the void within you. You can choose peace and contentment on your own terms. You become your own light. Shine on!



Tracey Dawn believes everyone is capable of tuning into their Higher Self and accessing the innate happiness that accompanies it. She has a degree in Psychology and over 100 hours of meditation and energy work training. She provides online courses and meditations to inspire others to become the source of their own happiness. Visit her website at for a free guide book and mini meditation to help you prioritize a quick meditation into your busy day.