5 Yoga Mats That Help to Align Your Body


Yoga is an incredible tool for aligning and creating more balance in your body. But did you know that your yoga mat can make a difference too? There are certain mats that were created with this very thing in mind ... alignment! The below yoga mat companies went above and beyond to create mats that give you visual guides to properly center your body and keep your asana practice aligned.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

They're gorgeous, no doubt! But did you know that artist and creator, Sophie Leininger created these mats in particular shapes to give you visual guides to create better alignment? You can see certain patterns and placements that are in the perfect place to put your hands and feet in poses like down dog and ... well ... really any pose you can think of! They're also printed with eco-inks in the USA.



A five yearlong process of research and development for both the AlignForMe system (what the Liforme team calls it) and the other important features of the Liforme Yoga Mat was completed. What was left at the end was a beautiful and minimalist design that's taken all your beautiful curves and limbs into consideration.

Eco-Friendly-Yoga-Mat-Educational-Alignment-Lines-100-Natural-Rubber-Lightweight-Premium-Yoga-Mat-Designed-to-Help-B00UW5YUTK-2 (1)

Atmananda Yoga Mat

Atmananda is actually a yoga studio in NY. And this eco-friendly yoga mat was presented by the founder, Jhon Tamayo to improve his students' performance. With very literal hand and foot prints in the perfect position for downward dog, there's really no way to get confused on this mat.



"Plant your body. Let your alignment bloom," is the motto of this yoga mat company. With a lovely layout featuring lotus prints and clearly readable numbers, you will easily be able to find distances like 3 feet, 4 feet, and 6 inches. You can also measure how you advance throughout your practice and over time! Plus, you'll spend much less time aligning your body, because all you have to do is look down and check.



This high performance 4mm thick mat is simple to use and easy on the eyes. The deceptively simple pattern gives you the benefit of visually precise alignment in any direction.



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