New Viral Social Event Is Taking the Yoga World By Storm

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You’ve seen the different flags flying on Facebook. Gay pride, French flags, anti-bullying, digital India. All campaigns to raise awareness about certain issues in our world. And now it’s come to the yoga world.

The team at has developed a special web app that allows everyone to overlay the Aum (Om) symbol on their Facebook profile picture. It’s been nicknamed “The Om Movement,” and is rapidly taking over Facebook.

It looks like this:

Om Action

The Aum symbol represents the 3 sounds of the universe:

  1. Ah
  2. Ooo
  3. Mmm

These are the basic three sounds that can be made if you don’t use your tongue. When you chant "aum," it is an incredible tool for balancing your whole system. The symbol represents unity, which is the core meaning of yoga.

Though many people these days think of yoga as a series of difficult postures, really it is much deeper than that. Yoga translates to "union." You are in yoga when everything has become oneness in your consciousness.

It is from this experience of yoga that we gain a proper perspective on life. That we truly are all connected. That there is no true ending to me and beginning of you unless we define it.

We are constantly transacting with one another whether we want to or not.

The air we breathe is the same air from 10,000 years ago.

The other half of our lungs is in the trees and plants.

Let’s come together and unite under this one symbol.

Click here to join in.

Aum shanti.