3 Important Relationships You Need To Be in Now (Quiz)


“What are you doing today -- for your Soul, spiritual practice and Tribe -- to be of service?

This is a question to live and work by. The reason it is so important is that it covers the three fundamental relationships in your life that you want to invest in daily for balance, peace of mind, and to show up the brightest version of yourself every day, not only for yourself but for those around you.



This is investing in you. Your relationship with self is the longest and most important relationship of your entire life! You may have been conditioned to believe that serving yourself first is selfish, at the dinner table it may be, but not when it comes to serving your soul. In order for you to be of the greatest service to your loved ones, career, community and tribe, you need to be a full cup. You need to nourish yourself and honor, support, nurture, love and inspire yourself in all the ways you do others.

To do this: Know when to take a rest, take yourself out on a date, read a book or take a dance class you’re interested in.

Ask yourself, What lights me up? What makes me come alive? What turns my soul on? How do I feel most inspired? What can I do today to fuel my soul? Then take action from there!


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This is the way you connect to the Divine / Goddess / God / Source / Universe and how you practice that connection. Connecting with Spirit allows you to be a channel, clear and free from the noise of everything else around you. If you suffer from monkey mind, this practice is your purification, the daily cleansing of your being to allow the "downloads" and inspiration to flow through you.

To do this: Try exploring this relationship on the yoga mat; in prayer and meditation; singing and chanting; journaling; and going to a sacred place like the ocean. Each of these practices can assist your connection.

Ask yourself, How do I connect with Spirit? What is my favorite practice to connect with Spirit? How will/have I connected with Spirit today? What is a new way of opening up myself as a channel for Spirit I would love to explore?


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Connecting to your beloved, loved ones, tribe and community in a loving way, and being of service to them in small and grand ways every day is also an investment in you. This is as essential for your happiness, wellbeing and soul evolution as much as it is theirs. This is the power of giving and receiving and it must be both for the cycle to run smooth.

To do this: Recognize that this exchange of energy, loving kindness and compassion can be achieved by preparing and sharing a meal, a conversation, making love, a hug, listening, and infinite other ways.

Ask yourself, How do I love to connect with my beloved, my loved ones and my tribe? What connection have I made today with my loved ones? How can I show my love and be of service to my tribe?

Filling yourself up like a watering can by standing still and allowing the rain to pour into you is soul and spirit fuel and allows you to be more present, joyful and in harmony with your life and your tribe. Investing in these three relationships has the power to change your life.

Pay attention to which relationship your need to invest in most right now and ensure that each of these is nourished and healthy so you can flourish!

If you are after a new you, there is no greater way than starting from within and honoring that commitment to yourself every day the best way you can.



Elise Carr, MA is the woman behind StellaMuse with an unwavering passion for guiding amazing souls like you to awaken your personal power and manifest the miracles beyond your dreams. Known as the "Pioneer of Yoni Power" Elise is a Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Director, Life Empowerment and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner, Reiki master, Model, Artist and Divine Feminine Trailblazer.

With unwavering enthusiasm, fierce dedication and spirited insight, she guides inspirational souls on a purpose driven, passion-filled mission, away from fear and dissatisfaction, and into courageous love and divine power; living life as their most authentic, nourished, empowered selves.