Yoni Steaming… Wait, What!?!?!


Have you heard of Yoni Steaming? Who comes up with such things?

Well, let's back up for a minute to the word “yoni.” Your yoni is your womb. It’s your sacred space. It’s your holy temple. It’s your creative being. For lack of a better word ... it's your vagina.

Now let's go back to the steaming part. Why would one steam their womb you ask? Well, for a number of reasons. Let's explore:


What it is.

Many years ago, the art of yoni steaming was practiced in many areas around the world such as Africa and India to aid women with chronic fertility issues, as well as to maintain healthy fertility.

The art used a variety of herbs like Mugwort (topical anesthetic with antibacterial and anti fungal properties), Lavender (calming, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antidepressant properties), Sage (reduces muscle tension, relives indigestion, reduces menopausal symptoms and is a relaxant), Rose (aphrodisiac, sedative, skin tonic and anti-depressant properties) and others.

Combined and heated, these herbs bring a one-of-a-kind healing experience.

Here's an odd fact: When women were on their cycles, they were not allowed to be at home with their husbands. The women could only return once they did a yoni steam to be deemed clean. How crazy is that?!

Yoni steaming is not just for fertility and cleansing, however. There is a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It helps you focus on your inner-self.
  • Helps you focus your thoughts, your self-worth and overall health.
  • Helps tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and enhances your sex life.
  • Lessens cramping, remove toxins, brings in freshly oxygenated blood and promotes cleansing.
  • Assists with menopause symptoms like dryness and pain.
  • Detoxifies your yoni and your body, overall.
  • Unlocks the access to your feminine energy giving you your radiance and creative potential.

Vibrant Souls is one company that offers yoni steam herbs and even a steam seat for at-home use.


My journey.

I came about this ancient healing practice from doing my own research on new ways to improve my health using natural methods. I was tired of doctors telling me there was nothing wrong when my intuition was saying otherwise. I chose to take matters into my own hands.

The first thing I was introduced to was Yoni Eggs. Yoni eggs are a whole new topic to speak on but briefly they are crystal shaped eggs that can be inserted into the vagina, or you held for meditation and healing. Each stone carries different properties for many different feelings and guidance.

Organic Blood Metaphysical Boutique is one company that sells these beautiful stones. Tiffany Janay, its founder has a large following of women and men who come for healing products, including myself. One day she mentioned yoni steaming and it lit my fire.

I had to learn more. I was intrigued, inspired and amazed. I Googled until I found a Yoni Steam Institute in Birmingham, Alabama.

It became my mission to attend this school. I needed more knowledge to pass on to others. I went on and ordered my first yoni kit and set off to steam that thang! The first steam I did was like nothing I have ever experienced. I made myself a cup of tea, grabbed a book to read and just relaxed. I set my intention to release all negative energy.

During the steam, it felt like a soothing sauna on my vagina. I felt the urge to write down all of the things I needed to release: past relationships, hurt, sadness, fear and emotions I had buried away. I felt lighter, like I released what no longer served me. It felt good to get it all out. I felt grounded again. I felt powerful. I felt alive!

I thought, Why isn’t this something all women do? How come no one knows about it? I must tell the world! I felt so connected to the Divine, I needed to share this hidden secret. During my own yoni steams, it occurred to me I needed to open up my own shop and share the love of this magical gift of knowledge. So I did.

I opened Special Victories as a storefront. I was already selling my own organic handmade body care products, but I expanded. Great spirit helped guide me, helped me focus on my dream to make it a reality. And now it feels wonderful to touch so many lives.

And let's not forget the men. I see you. You too can have this done. Its called the “A-Steam” – The Alternative. You reap the same benefits as a woman. Don’t think you can’t because you can.

We all can use more focus, love, cleansing and self-worth in our lives. Moreover, when couples do this together, it’s so beautiful. Magical! Fireworks! You bond on a whole new level.



Special Victories got its start as a t-shirt line specifically geared towards children with disabilities, as Alana was very passionate about helping them through volunteer work for The Center of Nevada R.A.V.E Family. As time went on, she decided to expand Special Victories into a multi-purpose company that held true to its original intent.

Being a multi-talented woman herself, she tapped into her other innate gifts that centered around increased awareness of holistic health and wellness. Creating quality skincare products was inspired by her own natural healing journey with eczema, which then transformed into complete natural healing on all levels. From this place, she flowed into sharing her love for tea, which also led her to creating her own tried and true blends that would eventually be shared with the world. Through all of her creations, however, her true specialty was custom-making products for those who were unable to use others.