Flower Essences to Keep You Happy Throughout the Winter


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects up to 10% of the population during the winter months. Even if it's not a full-on bout of depression, lack of sunshine can be a major factor in feeling less energetic, extra moody and even just feeling down and out.

Symptoms of SAD also include lethargy, irritability, oversleeping, loss of libido, poor self-esteem and overeating (think hibernation).

Flower essences are a natural remedy that may help. By containing the energetic vibrational pattern of the plant, these essences can affect your whole being and treat an array of illnesses and symptoms.

Unlike essential oils, flower essences contain no scent and hardly any taste (perhaps a slight hint of alcohol, which they are infused in). Many find flower remedies a huge help for a number of emotional, physical and mental imbalances.

Have you seen this evidence that water has memory and can hold the energetic imprint of plants and flowers?



Check out the top flower essences for not only SAD, but also feeling more exuberant:


Morning Glory. 

This flower essence is your natural "cup of coffee" if you have difficulty rising in the morning. It helps with natural vitality and will get you up an at 'em.



Just think of looking at a bright yellow, giant sunflower and it will surely bring a smile to your face, This is the essence of what it brings to your being when taken internally – light, sunniness and warmth.



Borage works wonders for feelings of heaviness in the heart and throughout the entire body. This is a lovely flower remedy to experience light-heartedness. Increase optimism and enthusiasm for life with this whimsical remedy.


Saint Johns Wort. 

This flower essence is the quintessential remedy for depression. If you are experiencing a lack of sunlight, give Saint John's Wort a try to activate your inner light to move through the entire body and emanate forth.


Indian Paintbrush. 

One thing that is associated with the winter blues is lack of creativity. Indian Paintbrush should be used for help with boosting enthusiasm and creative energy.



Mustard combats depression and the effects of too much darkness.  If you are feeling despair, like a dark cloud is hovering over you, Mustard can clear the shadows away to reveal a brighter perspective.



This immune system booster contains the purest quality courage and beauty, Pansy transforms negative thoughts and assists in opening the Heart Chakra. Pansy is also a great flower essence to have on hand to fight viruses and immune disorders.


White Snow Drops.  

Even its name makes you feel light and fluffy! White Snow Drops can be used to renew and refresh during trying times. Open your heart to the power of nature and flowers with White Snow Drops. Can be used in times of crisis to help move through an obstacle with least resistance.



Zinnia enhances one’s ability to rediscover the child-like qualities of playfulness, joy, delight, unconditional love, and a spirit of lighthearted innocence and adventure. This is a very good flower remedy for the elderly, or for any person who may be suffering from a lack of joy or energy due to age, illness, or depression.