The Eco-eMarket That Donates to Your Charity of Choice


As the trend of people engaging in lifestyles that enhance personal health and the health of our planet grows, shopping with that purpose in mind just got easier.  

The GreenLine, a new online store to shop your values for healthy, ethical and environmentally-friendly brands, has launched. This group of tech-loving wellnesspreneurs curates and offers over 2,000 of the safest, most effective, independently certified products available — from established well-known brands such as JASON and Seventh Generation — to the super niche products like ManukaGuard’s Medical Grade Manuka Honey.

Their mission is to provide an affordable one-stop-shop experience for the mindful. With this eco-eMarket, in particular, the impact and efficiency continues even at checkout, when you can choose to donate 1% of your purchase price to any registered U.S. charity of your choice, so your everyday purchases can support better business that you believe in, at no extra cost. 

The company also has a series of rules and standards guiding what products they post. Products must meet a designated set of independent certifications or values, detailed on their Standards page.


The GreenLine offers Food, Health & Wellness, Household, Baby, Pets and Beauty and Personal Care products with benefits such as certified organic, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, allergy-free, vegan, non-toxic and charity-based items you and your family need every day.

The company is developing a series of filters so customers can shop based on their values for supporting causes, sorting through ingredients and discovering products certified by third-party certifications like Cruelty-Free, USDA Organic, Free Trade and many more.

In the future, The GreenLine will also offer people an option for you to customize your account based on allergies, diets and preferences to receive personalized product suggestions.

“People really want to live well and take better care of their health and the planet,” says GreenLine Market CEO Sarah Bates. “They want a wider selection to choose from in terms of Certified B Corporations, Organic, Fragrance-free, Cruelty-free, Allergy-friendly, Natural and charity-based products. At the same time, there are so many quality, purposeful brands in this space that do not have a channel to showcase their products.”

Bates knew that with the right team, she could create and streamline an entirely curated all-in-one online shopping experience that allowed consumers to more efficiently “shop their values.”

“We believe in empowering people to live the way they want to by putting natural, environmentally-friendly, and cause-based brands at the forefront of their everyday shopping.”

The GreenLine Market has already garnered positive feedback from its rapidly growing fan base.

“I like that I can conveniently support charities with my everyday shopping,” says one customer, Shelly McCormick. “I’m allergic to fragrance, so that’s a big deal for me too. The GreenLine Market allows me to compare options based on product qualities and my personal values, as well as quickly sort for products that have been verified in terms of the health of their ingredients.”