Will You Be Our Next Well Spirit Press Author?


Well Spirit Press was created to give health and wellness thought leaders, experts, and outside-the-box thinkers the resources to share their ideas with the world. As the industry blossoms to nearly $700 billion in revenue, and exponential potential in benefiting our collective wellbeing, gamechangers have begun to take the initiative to write a book and enhance their brand, take ownership of their ideas and content, and broaden their reach.

Many thought leaders may be ready to write a book, but aren’t sure what publishing option suits them, or even what options exist. Traditionally published authors trade rights ownership and most royalties in order to work with an in-house team of experts and gain access to distribution into large retail chains. Self-publishers take on the hustle of editing, designing, marketing, and selling their own books in order to retain rights to their work and keep all of the profits.

Innovative authors deserve an innovative publishing option.


Well Spirit Press offers a holistic approach to publishing with our hybrid model. Our process alleviates the common pitfalls of independent publishing with an award-winning staff, high-quality production and expansive retail distribution; and we empower our authors to retain the rights to their work and make the most critical decisions that impact their books and brand.

Our team of experts understand that targeting the right audience is essential for leaders to enhance their overall brand strategy, and we work directly with authors to expand their discoverability and awareness to make sure the book gets into the correct readers’ hands.


Upon signing with Well Spirit Press, authors will receive an additional à la carte marketing promotional package with an audience reach of 200K+ courtesy of the UWM Fam (Thank you!).

We understand the huge commitment writing a book takes. Well Spirit Press is here to work with the authors every step of the way to make their book a success. From book creation, to book marketing, to book distribution, our authors will be like family from signing on, until book launch and long after that.

So what does it take? Well Spirit Press is searching for health and wellness professionals with innovative ideas and a story to share. Our line welcomes titles in nutrition, yoga/meditation, spiritual wellness, TCM, natural remedies/healing, holistic wellness, spiritual self-help, fitness, mind/body wellness, and we’re open to more.

Interested? Send us an email! Authors@wellspiritcollective.com 

Photos by Hannah Olinger, Judeus Samson, Kinga Cichewicz


Kesley Smith is the Corporate Communications and Business Development Manager of Greenleaf Book Group, Urban Wellness Mag’s partner in a new health and wellness publishing imprint, Well Spirit Press

Kesley holds a Masters degree in business and is an avid all seasons outdoor enthusiast enjoying wakeboarding, wake surfing, snowboarding and skiing. Connect with her online @GreenleafBookGr and @wellspiritpress, or on her personal Instagram, @kesleysmith.