New Year, Better You


Welcome to 2019! Seems like just yesterday we were watching the ball drop for 2018. We hope the holiday season was filled with family, friends and great food.

The “New Year, New Me” line seems a little tired, don’t you think? Here at Well Spirit Press, we believe that you are the same person in the new year, but want to establish and work on goals to enhance your life, whether it be personal or career. So, here are some steps to help transition into an improved you, for 2019. Here’s to the new year and a better you!


Write it down.

As simple as it may seem, writing down your goals will help keep them fresh in your mind, so you can work on achieving them every day. Making lists not only helps keep you organized, but also makes your goal setting more realistic. I have my 2019 goals written down on my laptop and saved in my phone.

I also have a calendar hung in my office that has sections for a personal to-do list, desired goals for the month, action steps to take, victories/gratitude, skills to master, and self-care. What I love about this calendar is that it breaks down goals for you to amplify productivity.

Look at your 2019 goals and break them down into manageable steps, then write them down in a diary, an app, a calendar, or whatever you use to stay organized. Daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns of your overall goals make it more realistic to achieve. That way, you can take it day-by-day, focus on the small victories, and build from there.


Stick to a routine.

If any of your goals are personal development related (eating healthier, losing weight, exercising more, etc.) it is always challenging at first, but once you start and stick to a schedule, it becomes a part of your daily routine.

It took me a couple of tries, but I found a routine that works well for my lifestyle, and has become easy to stick to! For example, I have found that I prefer to workout right after work. I have tried morning workouts, but I am not a morning person, so I am never as energized or feel as though I gave my all during a workout.

Working out in the evening eases any tension or stressors from that day, and reflection on the day fuels my workout. I get my food for the week on Monday evening after work and the gym because the traffic and crowds in the stores are minimalized and much easier to manage around 7PM.

I’ve designed a schedule that works for my motivators and energy levels, and you can too. If you figure out what works best for you and stick to it, reaching your goals will become an effortless part of your routine.


Achieve your goals with friends & family.

Having friends and family with similar goals helps you keep on track to achieve yours. For example, I have a goal to read 100 books by 2020, and my friend has a goal to read a book a month. We are keeping each other on track with our reading goals by sharing titles, and recommending books to one another. A little friendly competition never hurts, either.

My sister and I started doing weekly challenges on the apple watch for fitness goals. Although she is a cycle instructor, and usually beats me, it motivates me to push harder in the gym, take an extra walk, or use the stairs rather than an elevator when I am lacking steps or movement for the day.


Even if you don’t have similar goals, people who know what you’re striving for and can keep you accountable are some of the greatest motivators. On December 31st, I shared my list of goals with one of my best friends, she has been sending me motivational quotes or photos in reference to my goals, which helps me keep in the mindset of attaining those goals, and working on them each day with small steps.

Share your goals with your friends and having that extra motivation and loved ones to keep you accountable, makes it that much easier (and more enjoyable)!

Every January comes with a fresh start, a chance to set goals and work hard to achieve them. However, when you return from the holidays to work and your schedule is jam packed all over again, it is easy to fall victim to the same bad habits.

Use these tips to help get back on track in 2019 to exceed your goals and become the best version of yourself.


Kesley Smith is the Corporate Communications and Business Development Manager of Greenleaf Book Group, Urban Wellness Mag’s partner in a new health and wellness publishing imprint, Well Spirit Press

Kesley holds a Masters degree in business and is an avid all seasons outdoor enthusiast enjoying wakeboarding, wake surfing, snowboarding and skiing. Connect with her online @GreenleafBookGr and @wellspiritpress, or on her personal Instagram, @kesleysmith. 


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