Cultivating True Holiday Cheer


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is a time to cultivate cheer, and prepare for the new year ahead. Whether that means visiting with loved ones, reflecting on the past year, or making goals for the New Year, the holidays are a time to leave your outside stressors behind and enjoy yourself, wherever you are.

This season, Well Spirit Press encourages you to nourish “true holiday cheer” in the best way you know how. Whether that means spending time with family or with close friends, spend this time being unapologetically happy.

The Keys To Happy:

When wrapping up quarter four, and closing out 2018, we often fall victim to the overwhelming stress and constant inner questioning that comes with ending the year. Did I perform well enough? Did I accomplish all my New Year’s resolutions? Was I good enough?

The answer is, “Yes.” Whether you had a stellar year or a rough year, you were enough. You are sitting here reading this article, which means you are alive and well. That is something to celebrate.



If 2018 wasn’t your best year, don’t worry. You have a fresh start right around the corner. Hold your chin up, move on, and leave 2018 in the dust. Only look back to figure out what you did well, and what you can improve, so you can take on 2019 with the best possible attitude.

Take a minute to reflect. What obstacles did you face in 2018? What was holding you back? Think about the things you have the power to change. For example, if there is any negativity in your life that is blocking you from achieving goals, remove it. If there is a toxic relationship or situation that can be changed, change it. Your life is up to you.



If you want to be the best version of yourself, make some changes and rid yourself of whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Spend some time this holiday season to write your goals and aspirations for 2019. What do you want to accomplish? Whether it be work, relationships, personal, etc., write down your goals and the steps you can take to achieve them. Whatever brought you down in 2018 is in the past. Leave it behind. The great thing about the holiday season is that every year on January 1st, we get a fresh start.

If you encountered any disappointments this year, whether it be relationships, career, or personal, instead of dwelling on the negatives, evaluate how those disappointments made you stronger or will make you stronger in the new year. What can you do to learn from those experiences? The only time you should look on your past is to reflect on how you are going to pave a new future. Leave the pain, disappointment, and struggles you experienced in 2018, and move on.


This holiday season, be happy. Plain and simple. If seeing your family cultivates cheer for you, buy that plane ticket. If seeing family only causes you stress and depreciation, spend the holidays with people who lift you up. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

Celebrate with the people you love, and surround yourself with those who bring you the most happiness. Do the things that you love to do, and spend time with the people who bring you the most joy. Welcome 2019 with open arms, and make it the best year yet.

It is time to be a little selfish and set your mind to the things that you want to accomplish. Think big, and set goals for yourself. When setting your resolutions, make those steps you can take to achieve them throughout the year. Find your holiday cheer before the big Eve, and channel that positive energy into 2019. This is your year!


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