Nap Hack: Why Yogis Roll to the Right


Forty-one percent of adults like to sleep curled up in the fetal position, according to

Irony aside, the position we sleep in actually has an effect on our health. Resting in savasana, it is widely known, is the best position to achieve neutral spinal alignment and allow the body to heal. However, there are many benefits to rolling over to the right side.


Eases Lower Back Pain.

Although some pain relieving drugs work, they only offer a short-term solution. We put our lower back under constant strain because it has to deal with the entire weight of the upper body daily! Slightly curling into a fetal position creates the natural body curve you had while in your mother’s womb. 

Be sure to choose the proper mattress and pillows for this. The spine needs to be supported to give your back a break from all the tension of standing, sitting and holding your head high (it humbles that ego).


Good for Your Brain.

Sleeping on the right side plays a crucial part in brain development. One animal study showed that choosing this sleeping posture even lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

In the study, some mice slept on the right side and had more efficient glymphatic systems -- waste removal for the central nervous system -- as compared to those who slept either on their backs or the stomach.

Although the study didn’t confirm that the same applies to humans, it showed that sleep plays a huge role in getting rid of protein pieces known as beta-amyloid that end up causing brain diseases once they become too much.


Relieves Stress on the Heart.

In most, the heart sits slightly to the left in the chest cavity. By snoozing on your left side, a lot of blood flows to the heart. But take care not to overwork it, especially if you’re suffering from a heart condition.

At least once in a while, change to the right side and allow other parts of your body to enjoy a proper circulation of blood. In doing so, you relieve pressure from the heart, and give it precious time to rest as it continues with its work.


Elevates Your Mood.

I’ve asked a couple of my friends who enjoy sleeping on the right side and they told me changing to different resting positions makes them a bit agitated. Some even went on to add that they'd snap at their bosses or loved ones "for no reason."

Therefore, it’s better to sleep on the side that gives you a better chance of staying calm, reasonable and controlled.

Check out the following video to see some of the spiritual reasoning for "right sleep."



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