Yoga for When Spring Says, 'Sleep'


It's the first day of spring and mother nature is yelling, "Winter is coming!"

It's a call for longterm thinking, clearly with the death of Sudan the last male northern white rhino on earth, and the icy snow that fell upon the East Coast -- both occurring on the vernal equinox of March 20th.

The profundity of that kind of silence is matched only by a restful night's sleep.

Incorporate this routine from Yoga Wake Up to get a head start on the work that must be done for a better tomorrow. The app allows you to peacefully rise from slumber with music and a yoga teacher's voice, instead of a blaring alarm clock. Plus the prompts for a gentle pranayama and asana practice helps to stave off the stiffness and insomniac habits that came with hibernation.

"You can do these postures in order or play around with them," explains Yoga Wake Up's Callie Morrocco. She's a 200 hour power yoga instructor with a yin yoga certification. "It's your practice so do what makes the most sense for your own body."



Prasarita Padottanasana.

  • Parallel feet to short edges of mat.
  • Widen stance.
  • Maintaining a flat spine, fold over legs with soft knees.
  • Release head and neck.
  • Grab onto outer feet/calves/or ankles to deepen stretch.
  • Strengthen and straighten legs.


  • Widen stance.
  • Interlace fingers at base of neck to deepen stretch.
  • Bring elbows wide.
  • Release head and neck.



Setu bandhasana sarvangasana.

  • Lay down with knees bent and feet on the mat.
  • Press feet down to lift hips.
  • Grab a bolster, blanket or foam roller (any prop is great for support).
  • Set it underneath sacrum (base of spine).
  • Relax and rest hands on belly.



Supta BadDha Konasana.

  • Lay down.
  • Bring soles of feet to touch.
  • Splay knees out wide.
  • Rest hands by sides or on belly.


  • Lay down.
  • Bring a bolster, blanket or foam roller underneath torso (along length of spine).
  • Bring soles of feet to touch.
  • Splay knees out wide.
  • Drape torso and head onto prop.
  • Let hands rest by sides or on belly.



Viparita Karani.

  • Bring mat up to a wall and fold over for extra padding.
  • Sit down with one hip next to wall.
  • Begin to recline and swing hips so they are parallel to wall.
  • Extend legs up and let them rest against the wall.
  • Relax on mat with hands down or on belly.




  • Straighten legs long and wide.
  • Rest entire body on mat.
  • Gently tuck shoulders under torso to slightly elevate heart.
  • Let arms rest by sides with palms shining up.
  • Close eyes or keep a soft gaze at ceiling.
  • Deepen breath and let go.


CALLIE's TIP: We love to incorporate crystals when practicing yoga. Pick your favorite and rest them on the heart or belly [see photos] for any of these reclining postures! 

Selenite and different types of quartz are great for promoting general health, protection and wellbeing.


photos by Callie Morrocco

sequence originally posted on yoga wake up