The One Magic Ingredient to Add to Your Beauty Regimen

Several years back, I took control of my health and eliminated all processed foods from my diet. This then carried over to my beauty products as well.

Through research on the largest organ of the human body (the skin!), I realized that the same rules I was applying to my food should be applied to my skincare products as well. If I wouldn't eat something, then I shouldn't put it on my skin either.

After all, everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the body and makes its way into the bloodstream.

Since then, there is one magic ingredient that has taken center stage in my beauty regimen and I'll bet you probably already have it in your pantry… coconut oil!  It seems to be up there with baking soda and apple cider vinegar in that the uses of it are endless. This used to be one of the best kept secrets of those living in the tropics, but now everyone is starting to learn of its many uses and benefits. (1)



Like most oils, coconut oil contains a significant amount of fat. Most of this is saturated fat, specifically medium chain fatty acids. These are beneficial to your skin as they both retain your natural moisture content and protect against any moisture loss.

Unlike a lot of other oils, coconut absorbs quickly and won't leave you greasy. By adding some sugar or salt, you can make a great scrub that will exfoliate your skin but not be too harsh.



One of the medium chain fatty acids that I mentioned before is lauric acid, which is known to have powerful antibiotic properties and can inhibit the growth of pathogens.  Some researchers are even looking to coconut oil to help fight resistant "super bugs" such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

Having such strong antibiotic properties is great news for people with acne prone skin.



Forget all those expensive anti-wrinkle treatments! Coconut oil is rich in proteins which promote health at a cellular level and aid in repairing damaged tissue. Vitamin E and antioxidants are also present which are essential for healthy skin growth and help to protect against free radicals that can damage skin cells. With an SPF of 4, coconut oil blocks 75 percent of UV radiation and can help to protect the skin against overexposure.



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