Digital Retox: Must-Have Apps 2018

While selfies are totally still "in" for 2018, phones are also a good motivator to take a moment for Self.

These yogic apps, in particular, will get your communication in gear with their exclusive videos, reminders, and easy class scheduling.



Not only do the good folks at Pranayama describe in detail the various breathing practices that make up the fourth limb of yoga. they also break them down according to common ailments (like thyroid issues), and send you random "breath deep alerts" like, "Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures."

Namaste, iPhone.



With Grokker, the studio experience goes with you wherever you are. New videos are added every week to their catalogue of over 1000, so it's almost as if you're meeting with a teacher in real time. You're also able to set your schedule with reminders and "classes" that are shorter or longer depending upon your busy-ness. Recipes and built-in goal-oriented programs round out the offerings.


Insight Timer

Meditation is one of the more ambiguous yogic practices -- am I doing it right by sitting here?! Insight Timer clears up any confusion with countless options for voice and sound-led, timed meditations. For any remaining questions, the app also links you up with a community of meditators to get insight on their observations.



This app is more than just an easy way to schedule your Yoga Works classes, workshops and teacher trainings (this first-ever publicly held yoga "chain" has studios across the U.S.). It also offers one-click access to their exclusive online videos for you to practice asana at home, on the road, or anywhere else you take your phone.


Yoga 108

You don't really know a pose until you know it's name in Sanskrit, the "perfect language." Exercise your mind and lungs with this translator app. Key asanas are displayed along with a cute cartoon turtle, who slows down the Sanskrit pronunciation enough for us lay people to catch up.