Erykah Badu's Top 17 Wellness Secrets


Erykah Badu has dropped holistic knowledge since her teenage years, when she changed the spelling of her first name to "kah," a reference to one's inner self. But it's not her moniker and scats alone that inspire. She actually lives her guidance with her stunning, flawless skin and energy that, of course, goes "On and On."

Needless to say, you've got to see her in person to really marinate in that level of Baduizm (she's currently on the "Badu vs. Every Thang" tour). Until then, we've collected the best of her wellness secrets that she's shared in interviews and on social media, where she's become a virtual doula to us all.


Be in the Moment.

“I’m at peace because I’m right here in the moment. This is here, we are here, this is now. And staying in the here gives me peace. When I am worried about the past or concerned about the future, you know, there’s a little anxiety there. But ain’t nothing here right now but you, me, the phone, the room, the doll … everything else is something we’re making up in our mind. I stay outta my mind.


Watch Your Breathing.

"When it's shallow and quick we could be in distress. When the breaths are long and further apart we are more at ease."


Go Vegan.

“I’ve been vegan-vegetarian [from] about the time my first album came out, so it was 1997.”


For a Sweet Yoni, Drink Raw Cranberry Juice.

“Ladies ... For a SWEET vagina, I drink raw cranberries often. Now the secrets out. (Reluctantly) Also promotes healthy, strong WOMB & bladder.” “My vagina smells like strawberries.”


The Best Doctors Are Not What You May Think.

“There are actually five doctors I go by; Dr. Sleep, Dr. Diet, Dr. Sun, Dr. Nutrition, and Dr. Spirit.”


Create a Sacred Space for Trying Times.

“I have a teepee where I put myself in time-out.”


Use Sex as a Wellness Practice...

“Missionary is good for your organs. It’s good for your intestines, the gallbladder, and the liver, and the spleen.”


...but Don't Rely on it for Happiness.

“I don’t require sex for happiness — I need companionship.”


Opt for an All-Natural Salt Crystal Deodorant.

“That shit works. You have to stroke under the arm one hundred times on each side. Then you don’t have to put no more on for like three days … It neutralizes the skin. It has to send a signal to the midbrain so neurologically you can stop being musty. It just doesn’t work like regular deodorant.”


Keep High-Vibe Crystals.

“Crystals are our friends. Crystals hold the memory of this planet. They’re like computers.”


Get Sober.

“I don’t drink, smoke or have any vices.”


Be Aware of Your Emotions.

“Make sure every body is in the know about which days U can be smooth fucked with. Know your emotional cycle/ pattern. It lessens the blow.”


Chlorophyll is Your Friend.

“I do the same thing every day. I get up. Drink a lot of water. Have a wheatgrass shot. Drink some green juice. Eat as healthy as I can. I’m not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy.”


Try A Moving Meditation.

“I practice walking meditation, meaning the breath — honing my breath at any moment. When I feel it getting shallow, that means I’m anxious about something and then I consciously slow it down and do some deep breathing.”


Yoga works.

“I love the connection I have with myself every time I take a yoga class. It’s a very nice remembering, remembering the parts of me. You know what I mean?”


Coconuts are the Bomb.

“Coconut water [is my post-workout drink of choice] because it really hydrates the body.”


Give Your Body the 'Gas' It Needs.

“If your body was a Lamborghini, you wouldn’t put no bullshit gas in it. It’s important that you put the right thing for the right kind of machine in your body. It needs the right kind of nutrients, and that’s high alkaline foods.