18 Yoga Outfits for Moon Lovers


There's the recent Solar Eclipse, the Autumnal Equinox coming up (a time when the Sun & Moon get just about equal amounts of the 24 hours in a day) and today, we have a full moon.

Lots of amazing and rare things happening in the cosmos and we thought, what a perfect time to pay homage to the moon! The moon plays an important part in our physical and emotional body. It moves the waves (metaphorically and literally).

Being aware of and in tune with the moon is vital for understanding us Lunar Goddesses.

Check out some of our favey yoga fits, that are all about she:

LIFE Clothing Moon Child Long Sleeve Yoga Tee


Comfy, cozy and clearly a Moon lover's pick. This modest long-sleeved shirt is great for a gentle yoga flow or to throw on after a yoga class.


Totemmi Moon Eagle Legging

Totemmi Moon Eagle Legging


We're loving these eye-popping totem-inspired yoga pants. Complete with ancient-looking symbols, a purple sky, a Raven totem and tiny pine trees at the lower leg.


Chaser Watercolor Moon Chart Tank

Chaser Watercolor Moon Chart Tank


The moon phases are fascinating and seeing the cycle on a shirt is so dope.


Goldsheep Moon Phases Long Legging

Goldsheep Moon Phases Long Legging


Another moon phase piece, but this time for the legs and against a black backdrop.


Everyday Yoga Luna Workout Tank Top


Have you ever heard that imagining the moon next to your spine helps activate your cerebral spinal fluid? Nuff said.


Teeki Coyote Moon Dawn Mermaid Yoga Crop Tank


Reminiscent of a desert evening with the moon, cactus and of course a known spirit animal on the matching pants below, the coyote.


Teeki Coyote Moon Dawn Hot Pant

Teeki Coyote Moon Dawn Hot Pant


The eco-friendly Coyote Moon tank and pants are a must have.

Teeki Magic Hat Mermaid Tank

Teeki Magic Hat Mermaid Tank


Love magic, and the moon and stars. This one's for you!


Fit Rebel Limited Edition SENI Magic Dragon Pants


These stand-out pants are part of Fit Rebel's Fantasy Collection. And what's more, they are inspired by Game of Thrones! Each print comes in limited quantities, making them truly unique.


Spiritual Gangster Lunar Eye Rocker Yoga Tank Top


Sacred symbolism is hot. I see an all-seeing eye, sun rays, moon phase and the Star of David. What do you see?


Teeki New Moon Rainbow Hot Pant

Teeki New Moon Rainbow Hot Pant


Millenial pink, the sky, and the new moon. These pants would stand out in any yoga class.


LIFE Clothing Goddess of the Moon Love Yoga Tee


Goddess of the moon, the Egyptian (Kemetic) hieroglyphics on this tee... seriously, set it off.


Teeki Blue Moon Hot Pant

Teeki Blue Moon Hot Pant


Baby blue skies and a thin strip of the moon's cycle.



Teeki Pheonix Rising Mermaid Tank


As the Phoenix rises up from the ashes to spread its wings, renewal is in full effect.

Teeki New Moon Mermaid Tank

Teeki New Moon Mermaid Tank


If you're brave enough to show off that toned midriff, then this Moon tank is the way to go.



Poprageous Moonlight Yoga Leggings


Love these night sky, moonlight yoga pants. The clouds at night are dreamy and would be a perfect match for a PM yoga flow.


LIFE Clothing Moon Palm Tree Yoga Tee


Palm trees under the moon is where I wanna beeee.

Spiritual Gangster Live and Love Yoga Tank


A great quote to live by.