Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Today is World Chocolate Day and a good time to meditate on all the things yummy (read: splendid for the heart chakra). For the recovering sweet-tooth, dark chocolate especially offers much mental and physical goodness. There are nutrients in it that benefit the nervous, circulatory, muscular and skeletal systems, as well as digestion.

At least 70 percent dark chocolate is recommended. These snacks are labeled as such because of the ratio of cocoa and sugar used, and at this particular balance, the levels of magnesium and calcium present not only soothe the body, but also calm the mind.

Calcium, as it is commonly known, is needed for the bones. It also supports the functioning of the heart, muscles and our nerves, reports the Mayo Clinic.


However, because it is one of the more well known nutrients, many tend to take supplements -- or drink a lot of milk -- yet remain at risk of not receiving its benefits. Thusly, the complementary consumption of magnesium is required for proper calcium absorption.

Lucky for us, we have the chocolate; and according to Dr. Axe, magnesium further helps through the improvement of energy, lessening of anxiety and remedying of poor digestion (For a fun experiment, eat a piece of milk chocolate and then, in a few hours, eat a piece of dark chocolate. You'll feel instantly the difference of effect the two have on your tummy.).



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