7 Mindful Ways to Make the Most of Your Single Life

Woman bathing

So you're finding yourself single these days. This might just be the healthiest thing you have done for yourself in a while. You now have the time to get to know yourself and love yourself before starting a new relationship.

While in relationships we accumulate so much baggage, as in little quirks, expectations from our partner, judgments on how our partner behaves, negative energy; and usually do not give ourselves time to unload the baggage before entering into our next relationship.

This causes unsettling energy for the new relationship we have.

Consider instead this “single time” your personal retreat, your time to re-energize and focus on you and let go of all those old things you are carrying around from past relationships. Let this time bring you into more awareness and healing for yourself.


Learn to be alone without feeling lonely.

Our culture tells us we need someone in order to “complete us.” This is far from the truth. What we actually need is to feel good about the person we are.

During this time try many new things to find out about yourself. In your alone time, try cooking a new food, take yourself out to dinner, bring plants into your home, go to an event and make new like-minded friends.


De-clutter your surroundings.

Clutter causes chaotic energy and keeps you feeling unbalanced. By keeping your space free from clutter you are allowing energy to flow freely in your surroundings while keeping you peaceful and calm.


Meditate and set intentions for your day.

As you awake each morning go about your routine while adding meditation and setting your intention for the day. If you do not meditate as of yet, start by watching/listening to guided meditations on YouTube.

Setting an intention is something like a prayer for how your day will go. It could be something as simple as this: “I now set the intention that I let go of worry and fear while bringing in success, peace, and presence to my day.”



Yoga, walking, and music.

Keeping our body moving every day is essential. If you are not a gym person, try taking up yoga or just a 20 minute walk everyday as a great way to bring in some kind of physical activity. Conscious dancing everyday is a great way to move your body. All you have to do is put on some positive, inspiring music, stop thinking and let your body move!

There is no wrong way to do this.


Try doing things in gratitude.

For instance, you may have many dirty dishes. While washing the dishes, feel grateful that you have dishes, food, a place to call home. Spend time taking a shower feeling grateful for the body you have, running water, soap, a clean towel, the ability to wash your body.

Even when you pay your bills you can practice gratitude. I pay my bills with gratitude as I have funds to pay these bills with.


Surround yourself with drama-free people.

If a person is always wanting to be around you to gossip or share drama this is not for your highest good. A good quote for this: “I’m canceling my subscription to your issues.” People that want to share drama only create negative energy around you and that can cause stress and illness.

Find people who are practicing the values that you appreciate and spend time with them.



Just because you are single at the moment does not mean your body has to go without pleasure. This is the time to really connect with yourself and find out what your body likes and dislikes. Find new and exciting ways to bring physical pleasure to yourself without the feeling of obligation of pleasing another person or rushing through masturbating just to achieve orgasm.

Try self-massage, enroll in a tantra class or attend a meetup group that teaches about sacred sexuality.

Learn to honor and be happy with this single life, that way when you come across the right person you do not have to be the person that is carrying all the extra baggage along with you into the new relationship.



Leigh Hurst holds an Associate's Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work with a minor in Gerontology. She is a Thought Leader, Transformational & Intuitive Life Coach. She is a natural healer (with a certification in Reiki and other modalities) and loves working with holistic healing and energy. Her coaching sessions help guide people on a new path. Leigh's company Awake & Aging was created to share a new paradigm for humans to live in a world that is guided by the Divine with peace, love, and light. You can connect with Leigh here on Facebook, TwitterPinterest & Instagram.