How To Make Bath Time Relaxing, Healing + Sustainable


Since the whispers of the mythical "Fountain of Youth," and the miracles of holy water began circulating in our consciousness, humans have touted the healing power of H2O.

Hydropathy (also known as hydrotherapy and "water cure"), in fact, has become an entire course of study, yielding such common household traditions as mineral baths and whirlpools.

One company bringing it into the modern era is Wele Waters. The name is derived from the Middle English word "wele," meaning "well-being," and more recently, "wealth." The ingredients include essential oils as well as the more recently popular, CBD oils infused into the bath salts to enhance the relaxation properties of a good soak.

We spoke with Wele Waters' founder, Aaron Perry to learn more. He's a tireless advocate for wellness with his Stewardship & Sustainability Podcast series; a non-profit arm, the Y on Earth Community with its very own Kids Corner and new children's book, Celebrating Soil, and a Chief Sustainability Officer for Hire program through which he travels and shares his knowledge with executives of how to be professionally-relaxed, or rather, relaxedly-productive.



UWM: Men especially seem to have no time for baths (no shade). How do you personally carve out time in your day for a soak (before it became your job to, of course!)?

Aaron Perry: I am struck by how so many of my friends and peers are absolutely focused on excellence in their professional lives, but tend to really neglect their personal health and well-being. Ironically, the cultivation of our personal health and well-being is one of the most significant things we can do to enhance our professional performance, as well as our lives as fathers, husbands and friends.

Nearly all of us have a set of habits we go to at the end of a long, tiring day. Too often, these are mind-numbing escapes like television (yes, the sports channel is television!) and alcohol.

The truth is, neither of these activities is actually providing deep relaxation, rejuvenation or stress relief to our bodies or nervous systems. Instead, though, we have several easy, accessible activities we can choose. A walk around the neighborhood is an excellent start. Certain herbal tea blends also really help. Then there’s an aromatherapy bath – the combination of essential oils, hot water, and relaxing music will profoundly nourish and refresh your body and mind, making you way more effective at your professional pursuits.

Also, if you’re lucky, and select the aphrodisiac essential oils, you might even get a little more special time with your honey – perhaps one of the most potent forms of stress relief and revitalization.


That's scientifically proven, we think. And in other science news, bath time is inherently relaxing (if you don't have small children interrupting you), why does Wele Waters include CBD?

I have worked with the healing powers of herbal medicine for over 20 years, and am utterly convinced that incorporating the healing power of plants into our busy routines is one of the smartest choices we can make.

Last year, I began experimenting with whole CBD flower – from the hemp plant – to create nourishing bathing salts that provided me three key benefits: stress reduction, pain relief and deeper sleep. Thinking my friends and family might benefit from this too, I started sharing samples with them, and was amazed by the overwhelmingly positive results people were experiencing! That was the beginning of Wele Waters.

Yes, it’s true (and several scientific and medical studies show) that hot baths provide many benefits to our bodies – from reduction of stress hormones to relaxation of the nervous system and even weight loss!

However, my experience adding the CBD-infused coconut oil to the bathing salts is what turns a delightful, relaxing bathing experience into a truly medicinal therapy. I have older friends with arthritis, friends who have suffered traumas like auto accidents and friends who are trying to wean off of sleeping medication. Wele Waters is helping all of them with these very real, life-affecting issues.

I also have several friends who are mothers, and who tell me that their soaking-ceremony time after the kids are in bed is an absolutely essential way to relax and recharge after a relentless busy day. (Check out our Soaking Ceremony Guide for hints and tips!)

Yes, yes the power of hydropathy is real! We know you gotta get dirty before you get clean, but why is soil stewardship so important to Wele Waters' non-profit arm, the Y on Earth Community?

Soil stewardship is one of the five essential pillars in our Y on Earth Community’s framework for Thriving – diet, movement, nature-connection, well-being practices and soil-connection.


Are you cultivating new Wele Waters blends inspired by Y on Earth's efforts?

We have some exciting new developments underway that will even further enhance our day to day well-being and quality of life. Stay tuned and join our monthly membership program today to get special sneak-peaks and introductory goodies as we roll these new products out over the coming months!


Speaking of staying tuned, cleaning out the tub is the hardest part of bathing, what's your favorite clean up song/music to listen to right now?

Well, I’ve been listening to a ton of Michael Jackson lately – especially "Man in the Mirror" and "Heal the World." I know they might seem a bit cheesy to some, but those songs have such important messages and are so musically energizing. I also love Afro Celt Sound System and "Brand New Day" by Sting.



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