Tim Senesi Yoga: Full Body at Home Workout Series 2 (Video)


Is it too late for an ego warning? If your summer bod is feeling stuck on spring after seeing Tim Senesi's floating lotus (a.k.a. tolasana) pictured above, that's cool.

Take a breath.

Tim has a whole new series that will get you on the path to enlightenment, even if at the end, ours is more of a one-pack than the sixer he's rocking.

Once you root down and build a solid foundation for your practice with his "30 Day Total Yoga Body Workout" -- in which he offers alignment cues for basics like downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) and a stability-focused sequence of sun salutations, balancing postures, and backbends -- delve into the "Full Body at Home" video below.

Even in this second series, his practice is beginner-friendly yet advanced-informed. He goes more in depth with stabilizing postures, focusing on these hips of ours.

"As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher for the past 15 years, I've noticed that there are certain gaps in functional movement that yogis tend to lack, especially in terms of stability in movement," he said of developing his Tim Senesi Yoga webisodes.

"Stability in movement is a crucial element of the practice to prevent injury and promote the health of the spine, joints, connective tissue and organs. Yoga asana (physical posture practice) when practiced well can be extremely powerful, healing and transformative. Asana done poorly leads to pain, injury, and leaves the practitioner stuck in their patterns.

"I've seen many of the repetitive strain injuries that come from the redundant nature of Vinyasa flow yoga, due to practices performed without awareness of posture, form, alignment, and proper muscle recruitment. I wanted to create a place where people could learn biomechanics, and conscious movement to build a well-rounded yoga practice."




"Movement With Tim provides a functional 'movement' video with exercises that will help with a challenging aspect of the yoga practice, followed by a yoga video that gives the practitioner an opportunity to test their newfound strength, stability, and mobility," Tim further explained.

"Ultimately, yogis are finding more freedom in movement from practicing the 'movement' videos, and feel that it gives them confidence to attempt more challenging poses, thus growing in, and deepening their yoga practice."

Or in other words, get stoked.



A surfer, skater and adventurous traveler, Tim Senesi brings his own style of yoga practice to Southern California and now via his YouTube channel TIM SENESI YOGA. Tim has a passion for teaching and practicing yoga, studying yoga philosophy, and for life itself. While he may be best known for his challenging Vinyasa classes and precision in teaching alignment, Tim has much more wisdom to offer all yogis.

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