Sexual Healing: Equal Orgasms in the Bedroom


Remember when Nicki Minaj said that she performs orgasm interventions for her friends and has her climaxes on demand, like an episode of Top Chef?


Women have been fighting for equal attention in the bedroom even before the recent #MeToo revelations illuminated how far off man is about what actually turns people on. When enough of the accused defend themselves as confused about what a "good time" is (like, why are we even having this debate?), it becomes obvious that we need this movement to get real again.

To be clear: Sexual intercourse is the most physically, spiritually, and emotionally healing [super] power that humans have, when in a proper relationship.

When not, it's quite like kryptonite.



Polly Rodriguez is one woman turning the volume back up on this fact. She founded Unbound, a sex play revolutionary company on track to earn some $5 million this year. 

"We believe it's a fundamental human right for every woman and femme identifying person to love her body," she told about Unbound's undeniably feminist stance. 

"When it comes to women and sex, there's still a great deal of inequality, especially when it comes to orgasms. Forty percent of women report chronic difficulty reaching orgasm and 80 percent of women fake orgasms."


"Unbound's goal is to make us all feel a little more comfortable asking for what we want in the bedroom and feeling good about self exploration."




Like any good date, Unbound offers gifts like their Large Venus Earrings, inspired by the goddess of love, sex, procreation, victory and prosperity.


They also have more adventrous items like the O.M.G. Spot Stim Serum that uses organic Japanese peppermint oil and L-Arginine to increase the size and the sensitivity of the G-spot.

And they keep coming back (quarterly, if you'd like), via subscription boxes that complement their specialty items like staff favorite, the Squish.




Whether or not you're into that, there's something at Unbound that yokes you... or that you may gift to a friend in need of an orgasm intervention.

Rodriguez herself was compelled to start the company after defeating colon cancer. She had felt so gutted, so disconnected from her body and wanted to share in her newfound freedom so much so that she asked her Southern gentlemanly middle income parents to dip into their savings to help with her adult toy business.

They obliged, and last year alone she raked up $2.3 million.

It may seem like one small step for women, but it's one ginormous leap for a balanced mankind, many of whom are seeking more and more ways to regain synchronicity with their bodies through practices like meditation and asana.

To practice: Rodriguez lit up this quick fire chat with UWM:

Sexiest song on your playlist right now? It's so cliche but I could never get sick of Sade, "By Your Side."

Favorite aphrodisiac? Malbec.

Favorite sex icon in pop culture (dead or alive)? Wonder Woman.


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