Meanwhile, 7 Words We All Should Ban

Whether or not there was an [un]official ban on certain words at the Center For Disease Control in 2017, it got us wondering if there really is such a thing as a word we shouldn't say. In yoga, there isn't "good" or "bad," it just is. But ok, fuck it, let's forget the First Amendment to see if we can get our citta together for 2018.



This is tried and true. Replace this word with some good ol' fashioned "yes, we can." We have accomplished awesome things as humans (see vid below), and the most successful of us are so because we refuse to shift focus towards what does not heal us.

If there is something you "can't" do, ask yourself if it is a physical or mental block, and if you actually really need to be able to "can." Sometimes blocks are there to guide us towards greater alignment with our true path.



Again with the drishti (focus). On the mat, we are told to keep our gaze fixed on one point to support greater balance. In the mind, it is the same thing. Why waste so much thinking on that which we hate? If it is because we are attempting to problem-solve a troublesome situation, then instead shift your internal gaze towards the outcome of that hidden solution.

Envision what the benefits are. The subtle body will automatically shift into place, and the steps needed to achieve the solution will become more clear.



With that in mind, let's not journey further on the path of shirking responsibility in the new year. Although we all have the right to speak our peace before the court of public opinion, and although there is a history of false accusations that we need to remember (like the confession this year that finally settled more of Emmett Till's story), when it comes to those of us who work in the entertainment industry, especially, we need to hashtag the idea that we are only as strong as the weakest among us.

Each of us are complicit somehow in creating the world in which we live today and we may practice non-attachment, yes, but that form of detachment won't get us there.



Nah, this isn't a reference to Trump, nor an excuse to write "covfefe" (our favorite word of 2017). This is a nod to that Seasonal Affective Disorder that sneaks up on us every damn year.



The #yogaeverydamnday movement is fun and real, but tbh, even the subtle dig at our yoga practice, no matter how cool the lingo, could lead to a degradation of the innocent joy that comes with #yogaallday. Besides, according to Kendrick Lamar, the word is now "nmad."



We are not... In addition to the UFO sightings that were trending towards the end of December's Mercury Retrograde, there were several social media revolutions to remind us that, while we are each unique, there is someone out there who hears you, believes you, and feels you.



Of course we're always elated when Friyay comes around, however, we're working on looking forward to Monyays in 2018. Thanks to 2017's Christmas and New Years Day both occurring on a Monday, we're starting to realize that starting off the week like it's the last day is far more productive than facing it with dread.

And if that seems impossible, perhaps add in a bit of resistance to your Monyay struggle. There's much science out there proving that the overworked employee is not good for economics. Retweet that.