Face Yoga: A Natural Alternative to Harsh Cosmetic Procedures


Forget botox or cosmetic surgery. A few facial exercises is all you may need to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy facial skin.

At least so says Yvette Le Blowitz, a.k.a Spa it Girl, a luxury spa travel reviewer/health-wellness-yoga-spiritual-blogger and founder of, you guessed it, Spa it Girl. She advocates for natural beauty and at the age of 38 (39 this year), we think she knows a thing or two about it.

UWM chatted with Yvette to exclusively ask her about the "new trend" in eco-friendly grooming: Face Yoga.



Face Yoga is the latest in anti-aging skincare, in particular, and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing it. It is an all natural, anti-wrinkling routine for your facial features, and as the name suggests, it’s yoga, for your face

It's basically a mini workout for your cheeks, eyes, lips, and brows, and before too long you will even have your favorite Face Yoga pose. By doing and holding certain "poses," you can promote circulation and uplift and tone the muscles. But the best thing about it: you don’t have to go to all the way to the studio.

"I learned about Face Yoga from the UK's Face Yoga expert, Danielle Collins," Yvette explained.

"When you first start practicing Face Yoga it might feel a bit weird, but once you learn the moves and do them a couple of times, you will get the hang of it and it will make you think twice about spending money on cosmetic surgery."

Start with these 5 Face Yoga moves:


1. The V.

Good For: Drooping eyelids, crow's feet, eye bags, and puffiness. Alternative To: Botox and eye surgery.

Step 1: Press both middle fingers together at the inner corner of the eyebrows, then with the index fingers, apply pressure to the outer corners of the eyebrows.

Step 2: Look to the ceiling, and raise the lower eyelids upwards to make a strong squint, and then relax.

Step 3: Repeat six more times and finish by squeezing eyes shut tightly for 10 seconds.




2. The Smile Smoother.

Good For: Cheek lines and sagging skin. Alternative To: Lower face lift and fillers.

Step 1: Hide the teeth with the lips to make an 'O' shape with the mouth.

Step 2: Smile widely while keeping the teeth hidden and repeat six times.

Step 3: Next, hold the smile shape while placing one index finger on the chin. Then start to move the jaw up and down as the head tilts gently back. Relax and repeat twice more.




3. Smooth The Brow.

Good For: Horizontal forehead lines. Alternative To: Botox.

Step 1: Place both hands on the forehead facing inwards and spread all of the fingers out between the eyebrows and hairline.

Step 2: Gently sweep the fingers outwards across the forehead, applying light pressure to tighten the skin.

Step 3: Relax and repeat 10 times.




4. The Flirty Eyes.

Good For: Deep eye hollows and drooping eye brows. Alternative To: Eyebrow lift.

Step 1: Place an index finger under each eye, pointing towards the nose.

Step 2: Hide the teeth and tease the top lip and bottom lip away from each other at the mouth.

Step 3: Flutter the upper eyelids while gazing at the ceiling for 30 seconds.




5. The Giraffe.

Good For: Lines and loose skin on the neck. Alternative To: Neck lift and jowl lift.

Step 1: Looking straight ahead, place the finger tips at the bottom of the neck and lightly stroke the skin downwards with the head tilted back.

Step 2: Bring the head back down to the chest and repeat twice more.

Step 3: Finally, jut the lower lip out as far as possible to pull the corners of the mouth down and place finger tips on the collarbone with the chin pointed upwards. Hold for four deep breaths.



For more, check out this video with Face Yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu:



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